AVAILABILITY- Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm. I begin my work day with my first-arriving child, and end it with my last-leaving child. Because many circumstances make this vary, I do not necessarily start at 7:30am or work until 4:30pm every day. I also need to know if I have room for drop-ins. Therefore, it is required that you notify me ahead of time if your child will be early, late, absent, or if their contracted daycare hours need to change. Please text/call my cell phone number 702-493-9450 or email


FORMS- All forms must be filled out completely before your child enters my care, and must be kept current. A photocopy of your child’s immunization record must be provided for their file, or, please let me know if you need assistance with an immunization exemption.



Full-time=  $200 week (5 full days)

Part-time= $ 50 day (1-4 full days)

Drop-in=    $ 50 day


PAYMENT- You’re paying to reserve your child’s weekly spot, not for actual days or hours your child is in daycare. Full payment is due weekly, in advance, no exceptions. I accept payment in cash or direct deposit and I will provide receipts. If you forget your payment, please go to one of the several banks or ATMs located nearby.  A one-week cash deposit (per child) is required to hold a daycare spot after our initial interview. It is NON-REFUNDABLE even if you change your mind about bringing your child for daycare. I may not be able to allow less days/hours than originally contracted for, unless you decide to pay your regular weekly amount.

I want us both to be satisfied with our relationship. Therefore, our contract may be terminated by either of us at any time with no prior notice required. Any money owed either party must be settled at this time.


LATE POLICY- Unless you notify me otherwise in advance, you are expected to pick up your child at your contracted time. Repeatedly picking up your child late will result in termination of our contract.


HOLIDAYS- Holiday pay is due in advance, not afterward. My paid holidays are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, *Nevada Day (Halloween), Thanksgiving & the day after, and Christmas Day. You are charged for these days only if they fall during your contracted week. You do pay for these holidays if they fall during my vacation or yours. *When Nevada Day is observed on a date other than October 31st/Halloween, I will determine which day I will take.


VACATIONS- Vacation pay is due in advance, both yours and mine.

Your vacations- You pay for all your vacations. This includes maternity leave and teacher breaks.

My vacations- Paying me for my vacations is optional.

Bereavement- You are allowed one day unpaid for funeral attendance of a relative.



Your sick days- You pay for all your sick days.

My sick days- I am allowed 3 paid personal days per year per family. Paying me for additional sick days is optional.

Parents may not trade or “purchase” days off with other daycare parents without my consent; I make all decisions regarding my income. In situations where children will not be in attendance, I reserve the right to handle it at my discretion, up to and including taking the day off, or accepting drop-ins. No refunds or adjustments are offered under those circumstances.


ILLNESS– By law, I am required to abide by Health Dept. regulations. I am unable to care for children who are CONTAGIOUS (fever, vomiting, rash, severe cough) or for children whose illness care exceeds my capabilities in a normal daycare day. Children must be FEVER-FREE FOR 24 HOURS without a fever-reducer before returning to daycare, which means if they are sent home with a fever, they are automatically out for the next day. If an antibiotic has been prescribed, they must use it for 24 hours before they can return. I am only permitted to administer PRESCRIPTION medications, and over-the-counter medications WITH A PHYSICIAN’S WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS. A release form is required for all medications, so please allow enough time to fill one out when dropping off your child with medication.


MEALS- I provide healthy lunch and two snacks which include organic and fresh foods, whole grains, limited sugar, and no artificial dyes. Please do not bring food for your child to eat (or finish) here. I serve organic milk, real juices, and plenty of water to drink.

Meal times are- 9:30am, 12:30pm, and 4:00pm. I cannot adjust meal times or serve additional meals for children who arrive early or late, because I participate in the CACFP food program sponsored by Food for Kids.


CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS- Your child must be bathed and dressed in clean clothes when they arrive. For the safety of other children, please keep your child’s fingernails trimmed short.


In alignment with Roots and Wings philosophy, ALL clothing must be free of media/superhero/cartoon/gaming images. This includes not only basic clothing, but socks, underwear, shoes, swimsuits, rashguards, hats, and jackets as well. Clothing must not have sequins or sparkles that will shed.


Shoes that are completely fastened and fit properly are required for all children who walk. I prefer shoes without laces. Please keep a complete set of weather-appropriate clothing, including socks & underwear, in your child’s bin and replace as necessary. Roots and Wings kids play outdoors daily in all types of weather! A warm jacket with a hood and working zipper are required to keep on the coat rack all year. In hot weather, provide a swimsuit, rashguard, and water shoes.


SUPPLIES- Please provide these items for your child’s bin, and restock when necessary: clothing, socks, underwear, comb or brush, hair ties if necessary. Check your child’s bin daily for wet/soiled clothing, and remove all artwork, receipts, paperwork.


SUNSCREEN- Each family contributes $10 per child for sunscreen 1-2 times per year, which is purchased by me. I choose only natural, non-toxic formulas because I don’t want to touch or inhale toxic chemicals found in most sunscreen formulas.  If you choose to provide your own sunscreen instead, you are welcome to apply this to your child before they come to daycare.


DIAPERS-  If your child wears diapers, please bring a package of diapers & plastic container of wipes to keep here, and replace them as needed. Wipe refills can be used after bringing the wipe container. If your child is still in diapers, please don’t dress them in jeans, tight pants, belts, or overalls.


POTTY TRAINING- A written copy of my potty-training policy is included in my enrollment packet. When you and your child are both ready, I will work with you to potty train. Or, if our philosophies differ greatly, you may want to train over a weekend or holiday.

Please no Pull-Ups, no overalls, belts, or pants with buckles, buttons, or snaps that children cannot manage by themselves. Pants and underwear must be loose fitting and easy for the child to pull up & down without help. Please keep me informed of what you’re doing at home (procedure, wording) so that I can follow-up here. I have a potty chair and will assist children for as long as they need me to. I will help children transition to a regular toilet when ready.  They won’t be left unattended on a potty chair or toilet or for an extended length of time. Proper handwashing procedures will be taught and followed. Children are not punished for toileting accidents.


TOYS- Please don’t allow your child to bring toys from home. All daycare toys must remain here. If your child wants to take a toy home, please explain that it is against the rules. I feel children can and should learn to respect ownership boundaries.


DISCIPLINE- Depending on the situation, verbal guidance, re-direction, or time out (one minute per year of age) will be used.  No spanking or physical punishment will be inflicted upon any child. I have a zero-tolerance biting policy. If your child bites more than once, it may result in immediate termination of our contract.


PARKING- Parking is available in the street, rather than the driveway. Please keep the gate closed and latched at all times.


DAMAGES- Parents will be liable for damages caused by their child. For damages under $50, re-imbursement is fine. A copy of the receipt will be provided. For damages over $50, an estimate will be provided and parents will pay for the damages. All damages must be paid for within 2 weeks of notification.


EMERGENCIES- It’s mandatory that I be able to reach at least one parent at all times! If you have a change of plans, are not going to be at your regular emergency number, or will not have your cell phone, please let me know when you drop off your child.


EVACUATION- Shelter-in-Place with emergency supplies has been prepared. A sign with instructions will be placed on the front door if we need to evacuate. An emergency bag has been packed with enough supplies to keep the children safe, fed, hydrated, and occupied.


Shelter-Out-Of-Place (close)-  230 Eugene Way Henderson NV 89015
Shelter-Out-Of-Place (far)- Home of Shirla Miranda 69 Logan Street, Las Vegas, NV 89110.


TAXES- It’s your responsibility to keep a record of daycare expenses for taxes. I provide receipts each week.  I will also provide a W-10 form for you at tax time, only if provided by you.