I feel that in todays modern society, we are losing our inherent connection to nature, and it saddens and concerns me on many levels. Its important to me on both a personal and professional level to do my part to connect the children with the cycles of nature. Much of our day is spent playing and learning in our outdoor environment, where we experience the nuances and changes of each passing season. My peaceful yard is surrounded by mature trees and bushes, even one for the kids to climb. We have a garden, logs and rocks to climb on, and a stump table and chairs nestled under the trees. Our patio is covered for shade, and we have a large area covered in wood chips for running and playing and for seasonal projects like our annual Pumpkin Patch. We have a wagon, hobby horses, tires, balls, washtub, drying rack, capes, water table, and sensory tables that are filled with exciting seasonal play invitations.

Theres also a large concrete area, and best of all, we have a chicken coop and chickens for the children to enjoy! All of the resources here are provided for open-ended play opportunities and discovery, and our space is an actual yard which is not intended to resemble an indoor classroom full of toys.