Roots and Wings Daycare is located in Henderson, Nevada. Thank you for considering me for your childcare needs. I can truly appreciate how important a decision this is for you. As a parent myself, I understand how precious your children are to you, and I am honored when I am chosen as a parenting partner.


Licensed in 1994, Roots and Wings has developed a reputation for providing a safe, nurturing, unique, and inspiring learning environment. Our activities reflect the seasonal cycle of the year, and focus on helping children master the social, emotional, practical, and physical skills necessary for their Kindergarten journey ahead.


Roots and Wings is a place where children are valued as individuals, and learn creativity rather than conformity. They receive a solid foundation of acceptance and security (ROOTS) so that they can reach their highest potential (WINGS)!




"Walking into Roots and Wings is like walking into a fairy tale.  From the color of the walls  😊  to the beautiful selection of toys neatly set up inviting the children to play with them, Laurie has it all!  I have never seen a place with such loving, imaginative items for the children to explore and create with.  Laurie is kind, firm, creative and cares deeply for the children that share time and space with her.  Roots and Wings is a special place where I am very confident that my children are enlightened daily.  I am so very grateful to have Laurie and Roots and Wings!"

-Maria Bartrum
"I heard of Roots and Wings Daycare from a friend of mine who had both her children enrolled. This friend only had great things to say about Laurie and how great she was with her kids. When it came time to find care for my 3.5 year old daughter I started going around visiting several centers. One of my biggest issues was with the food, they all claimed to have healthy meals but I do not consider corn syrup, fried foods, sugar and food coloring healthy so I decided to take my friend's advice and contacted "Miss" Laurie. At Roots and Wings Daycare my daughter is not only being fed healthy meals but she is also well cared for, stimulated (not by a television), happy and even gets chemical free sunscreen! My goal is to raise a kind, well rounded, accountable, happy adult and I feel that with Laurie's help I am on the right track."

- Cindy Whiteman 2016
"Our wonderful daycare/pre school has openings coming up. We are so, so sad to be leaving this treasure of a school."

- Megan Heryet Two kids in daycare from 2014-2016
"I highly recommend Roots and Wings Daycare to any parent that seeks a childcare situation that goes above and beyond your average daycare. My child is the most important person in my life and I know that every decision I make can affect her development and her future. I am confident that I have made the best choice possible and would highly recommend the Roots and Wings Daycare! Thank you!"

- Kelly Lough One child in daycare from 2005-2010
"I cannot even begin to describe the love that we have for Laurie--of course my children love her dearly, as do my husband and I. We NEVER worry for one second of our day while our children are with her, and that's the biggest battle for working parents. I cannot say enough about Laurie. She is our angel here on Earth"

- Christina Brooks
Four children in daycare from 2001-2008
"Laurie always makes healthy choices filled with nutrition that our growing children need. We don't have to worry about what our children is eating at daycare. They absolutely love it. They even want us to pick them up a little later because they don't want to miss their afternoon snack. Laurie always makes sure she gives every child the attention they need. You will see it on their faces in the photos of them that Laurie takes, in the movies that Laurie creates of them, in her newsletters she sends home monthly, and BEST of all on their faces when you pick them up. Our kids LOVE it there!! They can't wait to show us the work they've done, the books they've read, or something new they've learned. Laurie is an AMAZING person! Our children are actually learning at Roots and Wings Daycare. They have circle time, arts and crafts (with a beautiful art studio), reading, math, centers, music, science, social studies, outside play, and many more. We absolutely love that they are being taught real lessons from Laurie. There were many times where we'd read books at home to our children and Aiden would say, "Miss Laurie read that book at Miss Laurie's house." Aiden came home one day, threw a ball up in the air, and said, "Mommy, look at the ball it came back down...it's because of gravity...Miss Laurie taught me that." Our two year old learned all about gravity. How great is that? It's wonderful!

We are extremely blessed to have Laurie in our lives. We love her and our children love her too! We highly recommend Laurie and her Roots and Wings Daycare family!"

- Josie Bisarra
Two children in daycare from 2008-2014
"This place has been a saving grace for our family. I didn't want my kids to go just anywhere, and sending them to Roots and Wings has been an amazing journey for all of us. Miss Laurie really cares about the children and has 1001 ways of teaching them about compassion, caring, understanding and generosity. She's also very good at teaching kinder prep and keeping the kids busy with art projects, circle time and outdoor play. This is a very loving environment with healthy snacks and meals. I can't say enough good things about this place."

- Marie-Helene Lowe
Two children in daycare from 2012-2016
"HOW ABSOLUTELY EXCITING!! Thank you Laurie for your awesome programming! We are so blessed to have found you and a be part of Andi's development as a whole person."

- Tayla Hadley 2016
"I had a lot of memories at Laurie’s day care. My favorite one was being able to be with my friends that I made there. Me and a boy named Matthew were very good friends there and remain great friends today. Matt and I always talk about what our favorite lunches were there. My favorite activity to do was to play at the water table. We used to play all kinds of games out there I just don’t really remember all of them. I also liked to play with the clay. Every once and a while Laurie would buy us clay with scents. Those ones were our favorite. When it was time for nap time we used to read a story there. Our favorite one was a one about two kids going on a hot air balloon ride. It was also a pop out book. We liked to watch the picture pop out over and over again. I really liked my time going to Laurie’s daycare."

-CJ Christensen
Roots and Wings Alumni 1996-2001
"As a past parent of a child in this day care, I can say that Laurie runs an excellent facility. My child had a wonderful experience, and was well cared for at all times. I would leave my child with her, to this day. Her facility is clean, well-organized, and most of all, a loving and safe environment."

-Amy Matthews
One child in daycare from 1996-2001, and one child in daycare from 2006- 2011
"My son attended Laurie's day care from the age of about 18 months to the day that he started Kindergarten. His time spent at this daycare was more than just a safe place to spend the day. He learned so much while he was with Laurie. Not only did she assist in academic instruction she also instilled life skills in my son. She constantly came up with ideas to allow the parents to be a part of what their children were doing while they were away from them. There were always crafts that were sent home as well as reports of special things that happened during the day. I never worried about the care of my son while I was away at work, I knew that he was being cared for and getting all of the attention that a child requires. Laurie is an excellent care giver and a very special person. I feel that I was extremely lucky to have her and I feel that she is still a part of our family today even though our family is no longer in need of daycare.....Thank you Laurie, we luv ya."

-Melinda Rhoades
One child in daycare from 1998-2001