It can be difficult to leave your child in the care of a virtual stranger, and as a parent, I have never forgotten that. Maybe this information will help you to feel more comfortable with who I am…

Likes- Starbuck’s Venti Decaf Iced Breve Latte (make a note!), learning, walking, yoga, organic food, organizing, the beach, books, conferences, cats, rose oil, wood, rocks, and collecting anything to do with Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Dislikes- Broken CD cases, licorice (foul!), TV, driving, waiting in line, dogs, vacuuming the pool, and all forms of hatred and unfairness.

Did I mention that I’m funny, too?

I’m Laurie Ciardullo. I was happily married to my husband Richard for 25 years, and I have two grown children, Christian and Bianca. Our family moved to Las Vegas from San Diego in 1991. I’m an original “Granola Mom” who gave birth to both my kids at home in the 1980’s, before it was mainstream. When my kids were young, we attended a weekly playgroup, a monthly mothers’ group, an infant/parent workshop, a toddler parent workshop, and La Leche League meetings. I homeschooled my son for seven years, through Middle and High School.


I’m compassionate, reliable, honest, helpful, and extremely organized. I’m definitely opinionated. I’m a patient, but no-nonsense type of caregiver. I read, recycle, volunteer, donate to charity, drum, chant, and I’ve studied a lot about natural health and healing, as well as Early Childhood Education (mainly Waldorf and Reggio-Emilia.) I’m a Gold Level Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, and I earned a certification in Death Midwifery after holding a home funeral for my mother in 2013. I draw a lot of strength from my strong spiritual foundation, and I consciously strive for personal and spiritual growth.


I’m very proud of my professional reputation and of what I offer here at Roots and Wings! I received my Childcare License through the City of Las Vegas in October 1994 and provided childcare until May 2008, at which point my license was transferred to the State of Nevada. I have provided childcare continually since my daycare opened. In March 2006 I legally changed the name of my business to Roots and Wings Daycare. I have absolutely stellar references, and I’m interested in caring for children whose parents care about their day.


I’ve accumulated over 250 units of Early Childhood Education (ECE), including a Child Development course in college, and I continue to receive an additional 24 units per year. I have a childcare license, sheriff’s card, health permit, and CPR/First Aid training. I’m licensed to care for six children at a time, ages 0-12.


I’m a former board member of both the State of Nevada Child Care Advisory Council and The Nevada Registry Advisory Committee.  I was the founding leader of the Southern Nevada Licensed Family Childcare Providers Network. I’m a member of NAEYC, NAFCC, and The Nevada Registry. Formerly, I served on The Children’s Cabinet Childcare Resource & Referral Committee, and I participated in the QFCCP Air Force Program to assure that my program meets the higher educational and safety standards of the Nellis Air Force Base CDC. My major in college was Fashion Merchandising with a Business minor, and I spent many years working in Visual Merchandising.