Birthday celebrations at Roots and Wings are designed to honor each child.

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Once all of the children arrive, they begin decorating. The excitement builds as they tape each strand of crepe paper! When decorating is complete, we begin baking our organic whole wheat and honey birthday muffins. Each child helps add ingredients, stir the batter, and fill the muffin tin. Freshly-baked muffins and milk for morning snack!

Then the birthday child is presented with our rainbow-colored silk cape and crown, reserved only for birthdays. They wear them so proudly!

waldorf school las vegas

Much anticipation as I unpack the wooden German birthday ring, which the birthday child gets to decorate. I light the beeswax birthday candle in the center of the ring, and we sing a special birthday song-Everybody’s Birthday Song– from the Magic Garden CD  by Diane Tatum. Blow out the candle and make a wish!

Next the birthday child reverently carries our wool-felted earth around our wool-felted sun, each revolution representing a year of their lives so far. With each trip around the sun, I read a highlight of that age, which has been provided by the parents. The children love to hear these excerpts from their early lives! We conclude our birthday celebration by gathering round to listen to the beautiful story of how children come to earth- Little Angel’s Journey– a tale traditionally told in Waldorf schools around the world. This story is absolutely magical, and communicates the sacredness of each little being coming to spend time on earth.