Are you familiar with the benefits of essential oils for children? Young Living Gentle Baby Blend, Lavender Essential Oil, and KidScents line of products can be purchased here:


1:15 pm – 3:15 pm

Children expend a lot of energy during their important work of play and learning, and our daily rhythm allows for this quiet time to calm and recharge their bodies and minds to keep them healthy.


Naptime at Roots and Wings is a peaceful time. Each child has their own personal nap space, and a mat with an organic cotton sheet and blanket. Essential oils, either Young Living Gentle Baby, Sleepyize, or Lavender are spritzed around the room to create a relaxing atmosphere and dreamy aroma!



New Age instrumentals are played softly, or, our air purifier is turned on to make a soothing humming sound. The blinds are drawn, and I play a simple naptime chord on the Auris glockenspiel, used in Waldorf schools, to signify that it is time to rest. Listen to it here, if you’d like!

While the children sleep, I view them on a sight & sound monitor

When it’s time to wake, I play the simple chord on the glockenspiel, raise the blinds, and gently wake those who are still asleep. Children learn to help fold their own mats and blankets and place them on the storage shelf. Then time for hair brushing, potty, and handwashing before a healthy afternoon snack.